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An Introduction: me and my blog

This is a blog for me to share my thoughts and reactions to random phenomena. Some may view my musings as entirely useless; others may discern some advice. Primarily, I have decided to write down my thoughts, hoping that others can find something to which they can relate. There is no particular theme here, and my views are expressed with brutal honesty.

Who am I? I’m a woman in my mid-40s, a mother, a teacher, and a social observer. I have always enjoyed my internal dialogue in response to random situations in my life, and recently decided that perhaps my thoughts are worth sharing with others. A good way to start may be to share how I view myself: I am a rather ordinary and boring woman, but I find that the uniqueness of my life and my path is rather difficult to communicate to those who are focused on applying stale frameworks to profiling people. Having to write a short biography is an extremely stressful task for me; the shallowness of such descriptions so invariably fails to capture the essence of a person. So I won’t bore my readers with a timeline of my life events; rather, relevant pieces of information will appear in the context of blog posts.

Why the blog? Primarily a channel for my stream of consciousness, and the wild hope that others might find it useful to their own lives. The posts will focus on random issues and subjects, as I come across new situations or ponder past occurrences in my life. This is a venue for me to be unashamedly blunt. I am often accused of being overly direct in my tone and judged harshly for it. This is my opportunity to indulge in that direct (I call it honest and sincere) tone without being judged; or at least being aware of the judgment. I offer a standing apology to anyone who finds any aspect of my musings offensive, and gratitude to those who find time for reading my ideas.

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