Buying an Engagement Ring

Presenting the woman you love with a beautiful engagement ring is among the most romantic of images, but the actual process of purchasing that symbol of eternal love can be rather stressful. Men are not necessarily well-versed in the art of selecting fine jewelry for women, and you may not know much about your girlfriend’sContinue reading “Buying an Engagement Ring”

Eating, Food, and Dating

I love food, I love to eat, and food is an important part of my social interactions. When I ventured back into the world of dating after many years of marriage, I realized how people‚Äôs perspectives on food can interfere with dating relationships. Of course, much else had changed in the dating world as well;Continue reading “Eating, Food, and Dating”

Without Further Ado

I will go ahead and start writing my first post. This is not a blog specifically about dating or relationships, but it’s a good topic for the first post; might catch people’s attention. Well, it’s not just about relationships, it’s also about…you guessed it…covid (yeah, I don’t capitalize it anymore). Specifically, about covid etiquette inContinue reading “Without Further Ado”

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