Buying an Engagement Ring

Presenting the woman you love with a beautiful engagement ring is among the most romantic of images, but the actual process of purchasing that symbol of eternal love can be rather stressful. Men are not necessarily well-versed in the art of selecting fine jewelry for women, and you may not know much about your girlfriend’sContinue reading “Buying an Engagement Ring”

Money Matters in Dating

In the beginning stages of a dating relationship, there tends to be a great deal of dining out and other planned activities. While this is a fun time, it’s all too easy for money (payment for activities) to create awkwardness. Here I reflect on some ways in which that awkwardness can be avoided; it isContinue reading “Money Matters in Dating”

Eating, Food, and Dating

I love food, I love to eat, and food is an important part of my social interactions. When I ventured back into the world of dating after many years of marriage, I realized how people‚Äôs perspectives on food can interfere with dating relationships. Of course, much else had changed in the dating world as well;Continue reading “Eating, Food, and Dating”